Career Opportunity: Financial Analyst

Opportunity to join HVS as a Financial Analyst
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19th March, 2020

Covid-19: Working Through Challenging Times

HVS Europe's full statement regarding the Covid-19 healthcare crisis.
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05th March, 2020

Online Auction: Excellent Quality IT

On Behalf of The Joint Special Managers, Thomas Cook Group PLC and Certain Subsidiaries – All In Liquidation, Hilco Valuation Services Europe offers for sale Excellent Quality IT, Servers, Comms, Macs, Laptops, PCs, Computers, Large Format Displays & Associated Equipment comprising approximately 600 lots.
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23rd January, 2020

Edward Jeffery Joins HVS Europe as Associate Director of Real Estate Advisory Services UK and Europe

Edward Jeffery joins Hilco Valuation Services Europe as Associate Director of Real Estate Advisory Services UK and Europe.
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20th December, 2019

Hilco Highlights Autumn 2019

Hilco Highlights is our quarterly newsletter sharing our commercial updates on closed deals and current acquisition opportunities in both tangible and intangible assets, and internal company news and event information.
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19th December, 2019

RIPE NCC IPv4 Address Pool Runs Out

RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries that provide internet protocol allocations and operates within Europe and the Middle East. Their stewardship has kept a reserve of IPv4 addresses for new, small organisations in recent years however this pool has now run out.
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19th December, 2019

R3 in Scotland Burns Night Supper

Hilco are delighted to be sponsoring the R3 Association of Business Recovery Professionals in Scotland Burns Night Supper on 29 January 2020 at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh.
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