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Hilco Valuation Services is a market leader in intellectual property valuation, marketing and disposal for businesses at all stages. The Hilco Valuation Services team based in the UK trades under the Hilco Streambank brand and combines years of intangible asset valuation with significant distressed transaction expertise, resulting in the best available market data and industry knowledge. We are trusted by banks, asset based lenders, insolvency and turnaround professionals and management executives.

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Our process sees us identifying, preserving and extracting value on intellectual property for our clients and our experience ensures we are equipped to do so to the highest standard. Our strong reputation is built on our ability to advise and execute strategies for both healthy and distressed clients seeking to maximise the value of their IP assets. We have an understanding of the market, experienced analysts working to provide valuation and disposal processes and the resources to handle any engagement.

Intellectual Property Monetization and Disposal

The Hilco Streambank UK and Europe team possesses a deep understanding of appraising and disposing of intangible assets and is the best in the market. Our combined experience includes work on appraising and disposing of intellectual property assets in numerous high profile cases.

Our expertise is in monetizing a wide spectrum of European intellectual property asset types, including:

  • Brands
  • Trade Marks and Trade Dress
  • Patent Portfolios
  • Copyrights
  • Microsoft Licences
  • Internet Protocols
  • Trade Secrets
  • Customer Lists
  • Domain Names and Web Content
  • Database/Libraries

For sellers, we will handle your transaction from beginning to end, from developing a specific marketing plan and negotiating with prospects all the way to organizing the closing.

Intellectual Property Valuation

UK and European lenders, companies and professional advisors rely on our valuations in a range of corporate circumstances because our methodology is robust, defensible and practical, and our experience and expertise allow us to value a broad range of intangible assets in a variety of scenarios.

Our intangible asset valuations are frequently used to assist corporate recovery and turnaround professionals to comply with their regulatory duties such as Statement of Insolvency Practice (SIP) 16.

Our reality-based appraisals in Europe, which utilise specialist real market data, are why lenders, recovery professionals and advisors rely on Hilco Streambank as their principal source of intangible asset value opinions. We firmly believe that the ability to reliably value assets requires having an active participation in their sale. In conjunction with this real world data, we utilize the relief from royalty valuation method as the most commonly deployed income approach. We build our valuation models using reliable Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) inputs from premium sources to calculate our discount rates and apply appropriate royalty rates by analysing industry data of more than ten thousand intangible asset transactions and license agreements.


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