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TM Lewin & Sons Limited

by Chris Hall

Multi-Asset Class Valuation of TM Lewin & Sons Limited

TM Lewin & Sons Limited, recently restructured by turnaround specialists ReSolve, was one of Britain’s largest formal menswear retailers, with a heritage dating back to 1898. The retail giant offered a wide variety of both formal and casual clothing, including suits, shirts, ties and socks along with other accessories.

On behalf of ReSolve, acting as the Company’s Administrators, Hilco Valuation Services Europe undertook a valuation with respect to the machinery and business assets, inventory, intellectual property and leasehold real estate portfolio vesting in the retailer. Hilco’s expertise, experience and capabilities of providing multi-asset class valuation services were fundamental when it came to informing ReSolve’s opinion on offers received for the Company’s business and assets.

Our process involved issuing a detailed information request with regards to all asset classes being appraised to then proceed with our valuation of the Company. We communicated with management and relevant personnel to gather contextual information and reinforce our valuation analysis. Our process ensured that suitable valuation approaches and data were relied upon for each asset class.

At Hilco we utilised experienced specialists and professionals across all asset classes to undertake our valuation work. The valuation of TM Lewin utilised many aspects of Hilco’s valuation arm. Our expert valuers from departments including machinery and business assets, inventory, intellectual property and real estate all engaged in the process to provide ReSolve with a robust valuation for SIP 16 reliance purposes. Hilco is a leading authority in valuations, and we are pleased to be able to offer our clients this service across asset classes in order to meet their specific needs.

“Hilco’s cross-asset valuation services provided us with a seamless process of obtaining a valuation of multiple asset classes held by TM Lewin, saving time and costs in dealing with multiple valuation agents. Hilco’s considered advice was critical to our decision-making process, and their team acted with professional conduct throughout.” – Cameron Gunn, Senior Partner at ReSolve

“Hilco offers valuation services to our clients across asset classes and this appointment by ReSolve gave us an opportunity to exercise these capabilities and provide them with a service that reflected their specific needs. We are pleased to be able to act as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our clients when it comes to their valuation and disposal needs, and the case of TM Lewin demonstrated perfectly how beneficial our combined offering can be to insolvency firms.” – Chris Hall, CEO of Hilco Valuation Services Europe