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10 Jun 2021 / by Hilco

Hilco May 2021 Charity Exercise Challenge

Throughout May (and despite the weather!), 21 Hilco challengers set their own distance goals which they aimed to cover over the challenge period. The team had an accumulative total of 1,775.3 miles (2,857.0km).

By the end of the month and the conclusion of the challenge, the team accumulated a collective distance of 2,083.5 miles (3, 353.0km), smashing the original challenge by 308.2 miles (496km) or 17.3%!

Following completion of our team exercise challenge, we were delighted to raise £1,000 for The Donkey Sanctuary and will be attempting another challenge in July for another great charity.

The Challengers

Alex Hall                        John Boxall                  Rebecca Tjonis

Alexander Muir            Linda Shannon           Richard Barlow

Andy Hancock              Louise Ziolek               Sam Hinder

Chris Hall                      Meadow Lees              Shirley Phipps

Harry Smith                  Mike Hodson               Simon Charlesworth

Ian Bacon                     Peter Atkinson             Simone Probyn

Jason Hall                     Priya Kapur                   Yvette Streete

May Challenge Stats


Huge well done to everyone who took part with people opting for different modes of exercise!