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From Licences to Liquidity

From Licences to Liquidity

Ever since the 2012 ‘Oracle ruling’ from the European Court of Justice that upheld the right to sell used copies of downloaded software, the market for reselling Microsoft Licences has grown significantly.

At Hilco, we have developed a tried, tested and tailored process to help our clients identify, preserve and extract value from redundant Microsoft Licences. And we have gone a stage further by creating our own active marketplace via our bespoke network of Microsoft Licence resellers.

As always, we are looking to maximise value for our clients. We achieve this through our comprehensive buyer research, tapping into market data and reaching out to our network to create competitive tension within a managed bidding process.

Our proven seven-step process for delivering maximum value

  1. Our process begins by tapping into our unique buyer pool of Microsoft Licence resellers, who identify licences for the sale through direct communication with Microsoft
  2. We then instruct our third-party network of buyers to review the licences for compliance with the relevant legislation, allowing second hand sale.
  3. Our team will obtain the necessary documentation, including Licence Agreement details
  4. In addition, we will draw up the market documentation detailing the licences concerned
  5. The next step is for us to actively market the licences to our network of Microsoft Licence resellers and handle expressions of interest
  6. We will negotiate the best possible price and close the deal in a timely fashion
  7. The final stage is for us to manage the efficient and proper transfer of the licences to the purchaser


In the past 12 months alone, Hilco has recovered millions of pounds for insolvent entities and corporates by selling a variety of Microsoft Licences across a wide range of industries. Licences we sell include Office, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Visual Studio, Visio and more.This is just one example of how our specialist teams are able to unlock liquidity for clients throughout the world by maximising value-driven opportunities from asset classes that are frequently overlooked.


To explore how our specialist team can extract value from you or your client’s underused Microsoft Licences, please get in touch with us.