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With the economic environment remaining uncertain for many businesses, lenders and investors are prudently stepping up their focus on risk management and transparency for both portfolio management and new business origination purposes.

Part of that process is having a robust and independent oversight of asset security and value, together with route to market, timings and costs of realisation.

We recognise that you need to make carefully considered and balanced judgment calls every day to monitor and mitigate risk. So with assets forming the bedrock of your security, there is one over-riding decision that must take precedence – and that is the selection of an assured asset valuation and sales partner.

As the UK presence of a global brand, operating with a highly experienced senior team, Hilco Valuation Services is trusted by lenders, investment firms, corporations and legal counsel for reliable opinions on realisable value.  Whether you are looking to conduct pre or post lend strategic valuation reviews or require real-time advice on current market values, we will ensure you have a clear, objective and informative appraisal of the risks and opportunities. We will support your decisions with dependable reports on the realisable value of going concerns, intangible assets and expert reports.

We can also provide you with opinions on fair value for investments not regularly traded in public markets, in addition to all manner of investments, ensuring you have the insights that matter.

So if we were asked why the leading companies, their lenders, and their professional advisors rely on Hilco Valuation Services for solutions to their most challenging asset valuation questions, we can simply answer in just one word: ‘Experience’!


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