Addressing Opportunity

A unique asset class demands a unique global partner; one that can help you navigate complexity and maximise value. The opportunity to sell IPv4 addresses falls into that category.


Every device is connected to the Internet using the Internet Protocol, of which Version 4 (IPv4) is currently the most widely used.

While IPv4 addresses were originally distributed free of charge by Regional Internet Registries, the pool of addresses is nearing exhaustion globally, resulting in a position in which demand dramatically exceeds supply. This is creating a buoyant secondary market and today, these allocations are achieving many tens of thousands of pounds to hundreds of millions.

This is a highly specialised field in which IPv4.Global, the Streambank business unit focusing on IPv4, is recognised as the world’s leader and a key market maker. We have already generated more than £300m for our clients through sales of under-utilised IPv4 address space. We have also developed other structures short of a sale including designation rights, leasing and option structures, which have created liquidity for companies inside and out of formal restructuring proceedings for blocks as small as a few thousand addresses and as large as 16.7 million.

We can assist you in the evaluation process and sell your or your clients’ underutilised space.

You can make a start by simply asking your IT team whether you own IPv4 addresses or whether you lease them from an ISP and what the rate of utilisation of your current IPv4 supply is. Then, consider whether your growth plans require additional space or you have excess supply.


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