Financial & Professional Services

At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our team have years of knowledge and experience working within the Financial and Professional Services sector.

Our experienced team recognise the competitive, ever-changing market conditions our clients face within the Financial & Professional Services sector and offer the following services.

Banking & Finance

At Hilco Valuation Services our team of seasoned professionals pride ourselves on our reputation for trusted valuation and disposal services. Whether our clients require due diligence when acquiring capital assets, management and disposal of assets across all classes or accurate valuation for confidence in asset-based lending, Hilco Valuation Services have the expertise.

Whether working on behalf of a client or as an independent party our combined years of industry experience will prove invaluable. In matters of asset management, purchase or disposal our analysts are uniquely situated to provide our clients with the edge in the marketplace for both traditional and digital assets.

Legal & Insurance

Hilco Valuation Services team of experienced professionals understand the requirement for accurate valuation of assets and real estate within the legal and insurance sector. The awareness and mitigation of risk is the most important cost management strategy.

Hilco can assist our clients in managing risk and optimising their premiums with accurate valuation of assets. Our team can also advise as independent parties in the valuation of reinstatement costing for proposed policies.


Loot Financial Services

Hilco Streambank was appointed by Henry Shinners and Adam Stephens of Smith & Williamson LLP as the Joint Administrators of…

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