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The Hotel industry can be described as short stay lodgings provided in exchange for money, but Hilco understands that the Hotel industry is so much more. A good hotel is not AT the destination; it IS the destination. A hotel is the perfect blend of good food and entertainment, all held together with the expert delivery of high calibre customer service. Building a customer experience requires having all the correct pieces in place behind the scenes to create a seamless air of calm.

We can aid our clients in getting their assets in order, managing them throughout their life span, as well as raising capital against their assets value in order to re-invest in other areas.

Pubs & Restaurants

Pubs and Restaurants are an integral part of the hospitality sector. The marketplace in the food and drink sector can be tough to navigate as consumers have come to expect a wide variety of choice and with household budgets tightening year by year, it is often the tertiary sector which suffers.

In response to significant challenges encountered by operators in the casual dining sector within the last three years or so, our Machinery & Business have been involved in the valuation and large-scale disposals of catering, leisure and restaurant equipment assets across multi-location sites throughout the UK and have developed innovative approaches to dealing with all stakeholders involved.

Our personnel have been primarily engaged by Insolvency Practitioners in this sector but have also worked company/operator side within CVA scenarios.


The catering industry is at the centre of hospitality where businesses provide food and beverages whether at a regular fixed location or large supply for offsite consumption. Catering is often not the primary business occupying a workspace and is often contracted out to third parties. Margins in this sector can be tight and the need for companies to maintain their inventory of equipment can be capital intensive.

We aid our clients in this sector with all aspects of asset management from tagging and physical verification to life cycle management and end of life strategies.


The Entertainment industry represents one of the clearest examples of a value proposition business model. Companies are adapting to suit the digital age as consumers have the opportunity to engage with performers, musicians and now even content creators outside of the mass market prepacked format of traditional entertainment. Those in this industry who require physical footfall have had to adjust to appear more attractive in comparison to the millions of hours’ worth of streaming content their customers have available at home.

At Hilco we know that to our clients this juxtaposition means one thing; stiff competition in the marketplace. Those who wish to survive must be adaptable to the need for constant change. We can aid our clients in all aspects of asset management, valuation for lending and end of life strategies to ensure that they are prepared to pivot with the trends and keeping their entertainment experiences fresh and engaging.

Health & Fitness

The health and fitness sector has become a major growth industry in recent years with the popularity of gyms surging. Gyms can be found in hotels, shopping centres and even in corporate offices. People no longer wish to have a handful of stationary bikes or stepping blocks, they are looking for gyms which are well supplied with machines, weights and equipment.

Hilco provide RICS regulated valuations for the purposes of lending, asset management and end of life strategies. We can also be a trusted partner in physical verification and asset tagging to ensure that our clients aren’t left sweating the small stuff.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism represents one of the oldest sectors. Marco Polo paving the way for the exchange of silk and spices, pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land 1000 years ago in the times of the knights templar, the grand tours of the Victorian age through to the times of ‘budget airlines’ making hard to reach places just that little bit closer. This sector covers a wide variety of different things from railways and coaches to airlines and car rentals to the dawn of commercial space travel.

Hilco know that all areas of this turbulent sector are united by their dependence on two things, tourists, and business assets.  Whether it is fleets of airbuses or intellectual property Hilco Valuation Services can ensure our clients are best placed to serve their market. Whether performing due diligence, in-life fixed capital asset valuations, physical verification and electronic reconciliation or end of life strategizing. Our team which includes RICS regulated industry professionals can provide our clients with exactly the right support for them and their business objectives.

Professional Sports Clubs

For our clients operating in the realm of Professional Sports Clubs and historic sporting venues, Hilco understand the challenges you face when operating in the public eye with organisations that evoke feeling and passion.

Our Machinery & Business Assets team have managed disposal exercises at major sports stadiums for teams such as Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham and most recently, Brentford Football Club, which include the sale of memorabilia, stadium contents and match day seats. These online auctions encompassed several thousand assets and attracting international interest. We also have experience at international and club rugby stadia working either directly for the clubs or corporate recovery professionals.

Hilco Streambank led the distressed sales exercises of Blackpool Football Club and Bolton Wanderers Football Club in 2019. The sales garnered international interest and Hilco was able to secure deals to save both clubs’ futures for tens of millions of pounds.


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