At Hilco Valuation Services, we never forget that we are here to provide you with the valuation services and support that you need, so that you can deliver the optimal solutions to your clients. In fact, we stake our reputation on it.

Collateral Due Diligence

At Hilco Valuation Services, we recognise the importance of valuing assets. They are an integral part of income generation in a business but can also be a source of releasing capital. Leveraging off suitable assets can provide a way to mitigate risk to a lender or investor when injecting capital into a business. We are experienced in conducting due diligence against collateralised assets. Our expert analysts carry out extensive marketplace research to appraise and value assets in accordance with globally recognised standards, which provides confidence to all parties. Properly conducted due diligence allows all parties to come to the table in good faith, knowing that potential risks are appropriately managed. The importance of assessing collateral value status, including residual positions, and undertaking mark-to-market analysis, is crucial for effective asset management, especially with understanding the potential impact of current market dynamics. We have access to current market data to undertake appropriate analysis, together with links and relationships with sector traders/dealers allows for an effectual approach to be adopted. Professionally conducted due diligence can form the bedrock of fruitful business alliances, and Hilco Valuation Services can be a trusted partner in this enterprise.

Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Expert Witness

Hilco undertake Dispute Resolution, Litigation, and Expert Witness work on behalf of our clients to provide an industry standard service to our clients at both pre-litigation and court examination. By working in partnership across our experienced teams, Hilco’s Dispute Resolution, Litigation, and Expert Witness service provides robust, accurate and , reliable insight. Our experience includes sector expertise in valuation across all major asset classes, together with accountancy and financial experience.. Drawing in on this wealth of experience our Team at Hilco are best placed to advise on matters which span across all industries and asset classes, no matter how technical or niche. As part of our services, our team are able to advise on the following aspects:


At Hilco Valuation Service, we recognise the importance of providing reliable and accurate insurable values to mitigate against under insurance and to avoid excess premiums. Appropriate valuations are required in respect of the differences in cover:

Working on behalf of businesses, insurance companies, and brokers, Hilco are experienced at providing insurance assessments across most sectors and asset types. Relevant experience is required to understand insurable risk in respect of assets and their ownership, and to ensure that assets are insured to the correct level.

Financial Reporting

Preparing quarterly or annual reports is often complex and daunting for any company. Balancing the books and instilling investors with confidence is often an underappreciated task. At Hilco Valuation Services, we understand the importance and requirements of having capital assets valued, accurately and appropriately, by someone whom our clients can trust and who they know understands the different financial reporting standards.

Modern businesses no longer operate with only physical assets; valuations experts must know the real benefit of all asset types, whether operated on the factory floor, stored in a warehouse or on a server and the interactions between the different asset classes. Our valuation experts at Hilco Valuation Services provide leading services for financial reporting for lenders, investment firms, corporations, and local authorities.

Valuations for financial reporting need to satisfy the requirements in the relevant reporting standards:

Valuations for financial reporting must accord with auditor expectations and Hilco has the necessary expertise and experience to work with auditors and engage with them and their review experts at the outset of a project in order to outline the proposed scope and valuation approach, and to ensure a smooth valuation process.

Compulsory Purchase

Given the increase in national infrastructure projects and regional regeneration, valuations required in respect of compulsory purchase orders are increasing. Fair settlements of claims are required, whether acting for the acquiring or the claimant. Hilco Valuation Services know the importance of accurate compensation claims for assets as a result of extinguishment or forced relocation under compulsory purchase orders. Our far-reaching experience of all asset classes, including experts in many specialised fields, provides transparent and impartial advice to interested parties, providing asset valuations in accordance with statutory guidelines. In cases where businesses are so inextricably linked to their locations, our clients know that Hilco can be trusted to ensure that their best interests are met.

Asset Management

Having the right assets to hand when they are of most benefit helps a business grow. Hilco Valuation Services are uniquely positioned to help with tangible and intangible asset classes throughout their lifecycles. Our trusted advice allows our clients business to position itself to take advantage of emerging market opportunities and maximise the potential value of their assets, whether it is plant and machinery or on-trend digital intellectual property. Hilco Valuation Services have the experience and industry-specific knowledge to help our clients make the right decisions at the right time. Whether our clients are looking for a current valuation, due diligence around asset purchase or dispose of an asset, Hilco Valuation Services can manage the all aspects, all conducted in a timely and trusted manner. Our clients trust us to provide expert insight into an asset’s value before they enter into a capital investment cycle or consider disposal. Hilco Valuation Services can help in asset lifecycle management from an asset base review to devising a suitable asset disposal strategy for potential surplus assets, in relation to a broad spectrum of asset classes. We work closely with clients to ensure assets are optimising their return and operational use in the context of the business, so that our clients have all the information required to make the right decisions for their business.

Asset Transfers

Hilco Valuation Services are highly experienced in advising on the transfer of assets between businesses. Our team understands the various reasons for Asset Transfer and which may trigger a valuation requirement:

Our team has the experience to understand the nuances and complexities around asset transfer and the valuation expectations and requirements, which gives our clients confidence that assets will be valued accurately, allowing them to be transferred in a way that works for both parties, no matter the reason. Hilco Valuation Services appreciate the need to maintain separate limited liability between parties when transferring assets as part of a professional service. Our asset valuations and advice have proven reliability in the marketplace. Our expert team will guide our client through the process from start to finish, emphasising clarity and simplicity. With accurate information at their fingertips, our clients can make quick and effective decisions that are in their business’ best interests and in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. At Hilco we have a wealth of experience in dealing with asset classes across the full spectrum meaning our clients do not need to seek multiple specialists, they can all be found at Hilco Valuation Services.


When purchasing or transferring assets, it is critical to have accurate market valuations that meet the required standards for tax purposes. Valuations may be for stamp duty land tax, assets held by charities or trusts, rateable plant, capital allowances, or support in due diligence. Hilco Valuation Services provide valuations to our clients that satisfy the required tax reporting standards. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge to provide trusted valuations and incisive guidance. Our clients know that whether assets are sold between distant or connected parties, Hilco Valuation Services delivers valuations that are appropriate and can be scrutinised with confidence by the relevant tax authorities.


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