At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our team have years of knowledge and experience behind them in navigating the Industrials sector.

Our experienced team recognise the competitive and ever-changing market conditions our clients face within the Industrials sector.  

Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace and defence sector can be incredibly lucrative for private contractors who are able to meet the scale and technical precision of the brief. As a sector which benefits greatly from governmental investment and projects, it can also be unstable. Manufacturers in this sector, both large and small, are charged with keeping pace with technological advancement.

At Hilco we aid our clients in asset management within this sector, whether they are looking for valuation for lending or end-of-life management and disposal.


Our expertise and experience can assist in navigating the automotive industry, whether in manufacturing or supply. Our colleagues recognise the importance in minimizing risk and creating opportunities for investment to allow our clients in the automotive industry to successfully manage and develop new technologies to improve their business.

From assisting manufacturers in utilising their assets to marketing and disposing of haulage fleets, our skilled team can guide our clients with the expert industry insight to put themselves in the driving seat.

Electricals & Electronics

Our team understand the challenges presented in the electrical and electronics sector. Within this sector, innovation is complex involving development of hardware and often accompanying intricate software. Assets have short lives and rapid obsolescence decreases residual value.

We aid our clients in managing assets in this volatile marketplace as well as physical verification and electronic reconciliation of assets and systems.


The Plastics industry plays a pivotal role across all sectors from manufacturing to retail. Plastics have increasingly become public interest in recent decades as the awareness of its effect in the global ecosystem have been more apparent. A much greater interest has been placed in the supply chains for plastic products and this has led to demand for more recycling of plastics and changes to the types of plastics being produced.

Hilco has seen an increased interest from businesses in the Plastics industry for asset management of plant and machinery. Our expert team know that the need for perfect end of life management for assets, combined with accurate valuation of fixed assets, is key in helping our clients to adapt to the changing demand and regulation for plastics globally.

Printing & Packaging

Printing and Packaging is expected to be one of the key areas of economic growth over the coming years due to the increase in online retailing and the demand for innovative solutions in end user companies like food and drinks. It is also a competitive marketplace with the cost of setting up warehousing, machinery and shipping requiring large initial investment. Initial capital investment is also required for expansion of operations for those already in the marketplace who are remodelling their existing business to match developing trends.

Hilco can assist our clients in utilising their assets for lending, managing assets at end-of-life, due diligence in purchasing or valuation for fixed capital assets. Our team of experts are ready to assist our clients in capitalising on the opportunities presented by the revolution taking place within this exciting sector.

Household Consumables

The Household Consumables market comprises some of the biggest and best-known brands. Most companies within this sector come under larger conglomerates which themselves are well known and established brands. Traditionally this market has been viewed as being stable as the goods being traded are deemed everyday essentials.

Hilco understands that informed asset management is instrumental in assisting our clients to make gains with this marketplace. Staying on top of trends and positioning the right products at the right time whilst seamlessly replacing outdated products provides a competitive edge. We can be a trusted partner in the prudent manoeuvring required to thrive in the Household Consumables sector.


Hilco understand that capital investment underlines the Engineering industry. Upfront costs of production, manufacture, maintenance, and repair are capital intensive. Our talented team can provide a variety of valuation and asset life cycle management services to support our clients in their operations.

From reliable valuation of assets for lending purposes, accurate estimations for accounting purposes or asset life cycle management, our clients get the clear understanding they need to make well informed choices.


Agriculture as a sector has always been volatile. The effect of everything from supply chains to machinery to the weather can decide the fate of those who work within it. Growth and investment in plant and machinery in line with technological developments is pertinent to survival.

At Hilco we aid our clients in managing assets through their lifecycle or securing capital through Asset Based Lending, allowing our clients to grow and pivot with the constantly changing demands in the Agricultural sector.


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