Food & Drinks

At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our experienced team are on hand to provide informed advice for the Food & Drinks industry.   

Our specialist team in Food & Drinks recognise the changing landscape of the position of businesses working in this diverse and complex supply chain which forms the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and are on hand to help.


Consisting of two major categories, the non-alcoholic beverage industry and alcoholic beverage industry, at Hilco we appreciates suppliers in this space are subject to specific high demands regarding hygiene. There is a consistent demand for new products that take into account traditional tastes whilst also exploring new consumer trends against the backdrop of rising costs of raw materials and production.

Hilco is also licensed under the Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme (AWRS) and is able to value alcohol assets as well as market, buy and sell alcohol to other UK AWRS registered users.

Food Products

At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our expertise and experience can assist in navigating the diverse landscape of the Food Products industry.

Our team recognise the importance of minimising risk and creating opportunities for investment in an industry constantly challenged by developing trends and changing population demographics. We appreciate the importance of shelf-life in moving quickly in high-pressured situations and are adept at making thought-out strategic decisions.


As a heavily regulated industry and subject to public perception, our team understand the regulations operators within the Tobacco industry must adhere to.

Hilco Valuation Services Europe helps to aid our clients navigate this complex sector and make informed choices in growing and sustaining their business.



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