At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our team have decades of collective knowledge underpinning their experience when it comes to the diverse Materials sector.

Our specialist team recognise the competitive and ever-changing market conditions our clients face within the Materials sector.  


The Chemicals sector is fundamental in many ways to the quality of life enjoyed in the modern world. The conversion of raw materials into the chemical products that underpin cleaning products, cosmetics and the manufacture of goods by end users.

Our team of knowledgeable specialists understand the drive to capture a strong footing in emerging markets. Hilco can provide insight into the changing face of specific marketplace niches and portfolio restructuring to help our clients capitalise on market opportunities.

Metals & Mining

Prevalent since the Industrial Revolution, the mining industry has reshaped geographical areas of the UK and continues to have a significant impact. As metal prices have continued to rise in the last few years, there is a resurgence of interest in metals & mining exploration within the UK and further afield despite previous years being more challenging for the industry as a whole.

Hilco understands the external pressures facing our clients operating in this sector both in the UK and globally, from life cycle decline and increased use of alternative sources for electricity gentrification to public concern over environmental issues and economic and political influences.

Our experienced team can deliver valuation and disposal solutions where required and are on hand to lend advice.

Paper & Timber

Timber continues to play a significant role across a wide range of industries globally. Its impact is wide-reaching, with timber being used across construction, engineering and homeware goods. Wood pulp and recycled materials from timber production contributes to the UK’s paper industry. Since the first mechanical paper machine was installed in 1803, the industry continues to generate wealth and provide employment to many.

At Hilco, we understand the pressures faced by those operating within the Paper & Timber industries and can provide a range of services to suit your valuation, advisory and disposal needs.


Major Timber Wholesaler & Importer

In November 2019 Hilco Valuation Services Europe (HVSE) was instructed by Matt Haw of RSM to assist with the initial…

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