At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, we understand the challenges our clients face in an industry that is always scaling up.

For those operating in this diverse and changeable sector, our team offer:  


The Construction industry is prevalent all around us – from the new housing developments in your town to modern city skyscrapers that dominate the skyline.

Despite a period of little moment during the Covid-19 pandemic, government initiatives have supported the recovery of the housing market and the need to accelerate the housing supply to meet targets has boosted entrants to the industry.

Hilco understands the risk our clients operating in the Construction industry face and our specialist team is on hand to help deliver robust solutions to suit their needs.

Construction Materials

In times when the global market has destabilised, one of the first things to cease is the construction industry which kills all demand for building materials. The companies that survive in this sector are those with the advantage of scale and geographical coverage, entailing lots of plant, equipment, yard space and vehicles.

Our skilled team at Hilco know that our clients in this sector are always looking to grow in terms of scale and reach in order to please their customers. Our wide range of services can be invaluable in aiding our clients to manage their assets and maximising their return for the business, whether through valuation for lending or end of lifecycle management.


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