IT & Communication Services

At Hilco Valuation Services Europe, our experienced team are on hand to provide informed advice for the IT & Communications Services industry.

Our experienced team can provide the following services for our clients in this sector.

Software Services

Software and Services within IT covers the widest variety of the most modern businesses in the marketplace. The companies that work within this sector most often supply directly to end-users which can vary from big tech to government agencies. Solutions in this area are very often bespoke to the needs of the client providing integration of user interfaces or CRM’s.

Hilco Valuation Services know that the largest companies in this area rely on having and maintaining the best IT systems and in turn we can support our clients in the asset tagging and electronic reconciliation of hardware as well as the essential business of asset management through what is notoriously short life cycles.

Technology Hardware & Equipment

Technology within the field of IT and communications is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. Technology which was commonplace at the turn of the millennium would seem alien to children born in the year 2000. The impossible task of explaining that a mobile telephone was uncommon, landlines were only as mobile as the cable was long and could not be used whilst a family member made a “phone call” to the internet which was charged at eye watering rates. Today technology from as little as two years ago may be all but obsolete thanks to hardware innovation or removal support for software updates.

In this industry Hilco Valuation Services know that the need for trusted valuation and management of assets is essential to capitalising on opportunities in this lucrative marketplace.

Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication Services cover a wide variety of different businesses from wholesalers who provide access to customer facing providers to companies who provide “over-the-top” services such as cable television and VoIP telephone services. The modern telecommunications marketplace is a gold mine for those able to take advantage of modern high speed fibre broadband and reach customers with new and innovative solutions.

Hilco Valuation Services understand the needs of our clients to understand the marketplace and have accurate valuations for all the tangible and intangible assets whether for the purposes of financial reporting, raising new capital to invest back into the business or for asset lifecycle management. Hilco is a trusted partner to our clients who are looking to consolidate and expand their position within this changing marketplace.

Media & Entertainment

The global Media and Entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative markets global encompassing everything from radio to books, motion pictures to streaming, television to video games. The growth in these industries has been driven in part by the advent of the internet and paid advertising. Whilst those operating actively in media and entertainment still require volume in “eyes-on-screens” there has never been a better time to market and advertise as virtually every living person can be targeted as a potential customer with some clever ad placement on newsfeeds, in podcast or video sharing platforms.

Hilco Valuation Services know that in order to reach a large enough audience requires capital investment and that is why we aid our clients their asset management. Whether looking to raise capital through asset based lending or managing assets through their lifecycles, Hilco Valuation Services ensure that our clients are optimised for the marketplace.


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