Transportation & Logistics

Within the Transportation & Logistics sector, our team at Hilco Valuation Services Europe hold specialist knowledge and experience.

We recognise Transportation & Logistics play as an important role in economic, social and urban growth and prosperity. To assist in this sector, we offer the following services:


Supporting all major industries across the UK, those operating in the Distribution sector keep us moving. From leisure and retail products, to heavy materials and food, distributors are integral to the continuance of our everyday life. Their time on the road and consistent movement of goods ensure consumers and sellers alike have a steady supply.

Our team at Hilco have experience in providing both valuation and disposal advice and strategy to our clients in this sector and we look to provide reassurance and an experienced hand in this changeable sector.

Shipping, Containers & Packaging

Hilco’s expert team are aware of the changing trends across this particular marketplace. However, there is an increasing pressure in some market segments due to environmental concerns resulting in areas of the globe with high percentage recycling having very little demand for plastics of any sort and the ecological footprint of the products we buy from across the world. Companies that work in this sector, therefore, must be adaptable.

We are aware that our clients in this market may be looking at much shorter lifespans of their assets due to the changing demands for certain products and regular changes in the supply chains. Asset portfolio management in this sector is vital in allowing our clients to remain agile and to keep pace with what their competitors are doing in the marketplace.

Heavy & Light Vehicles

Essential to keeping businesses moving, our work within Heavy & Light Vehicles spans across industries.

Hilco have seen a lot of activity in the vehicle sector of late with several cases requiring the uplift of vehicle fleets across the UK. We have the capacity to manage single vehicle uplifts to entire HGV fleets and have experience of managing the repatriation of vehicles from across Europe.

Previously, we have been engaged by finance companies and insolvency practitioners to locate, collect, secure and dispose of a wide range of vehicles so our skilled team stand in good stead to assist with your individual project needs.


Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry has been catastrophically impacted as a result of travel restrictions imposed by international governments and airline authorities.

Hilco appreciates the challenges our clients face both in this context and in scenarios that arise outside of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have previously concluded the successful disposition of assets for Thomas Cook Group Plc, Monarch Airlines and FlyBe.

Our industry and insolvency expertise, robust global online selling platforms and established links with aviation specialist sector advisers for sale partnering projects, means that we are perfectly placed to provide advice.



Contact our experienced team to find out how we can utilise our combined asset expertise to your advantage.

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