Plastic Welding and
Fabrication Machinery

Sale Type:

Private Treaty Sale

Sale Date:

Written offers to be made no later than 12:00pm, 11 January 2023


Telford and Staines, UK

Viewing Information:
Strictly by Appointment only

By Order of E Williams and T Higgins, Joint Liquidators of Ambroplastics Limited and Celsur Plastics Limited


Ambroplastics Limited (Location Telford)

  • Heidleberg 57 x 82 cm Cylinder Cut and Crease Machine
  • Rabolini & Crosland Cut and Crease Platens (x 3)
  • Bobst 850mm x 1500mm Auto Cut and Crease Machine
  • Kiefel KH2000 Thermal Welder
  • Hang 100-5 Rivet Machines (x 3)
  • Jagenberg ECO 105-1 Folding and Gluing Machine
  • Como-Maskin 115 MC-C Guillotine
  • Nantgraph Silk /Screen Printing Equipment
  • HPC 3K 22T Packaged Air Compressor
  • Doosan G20SC-5 Forklift Truck
  • General Factory Equipment
  • Stocks

Celsur Plastics Limited ( Location Staines)

  • Oce Arizona 500 GT Plotter (2010)
  • Crosland and Arena Cut and Crease Platens (x 3)
  • Como Maskin and Wohlen Guillotine (x 2)
  • Anhui Qitan QT-M -1FR and QT-35M-2RS Assembly Machine
  • Weldan Shuttle Table Thermal Welder (x 6)
  • Weldan Semi Automatic Plastic Pocket Welding Machine (x8)
  • Transit Make Rotary Table Plastic Sleeve Thermal Welder (x 6)
  • Hang 150 Riveting Machine (x 3)
  • GTEC Rotocomp 25 Air Compressor
  • Heli H2000 LPG Forklift Truck
  • General Factory Equipment
  • Stocks

Subject to availability


Andrew Clarke MRICS


Birmingham Office

+44 (0) 7900 678130