Design-led UK Kitchen Appliance and Homeware Brand/Retailer

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Hilco is delighted to offer for sale the business and assets of a design-led UK kitchen appliance and homeware brand/retailer (the “Company”).

A well-known UK-based business specialising in unique and stylish kitchen appliances and homewares, the Company has secured a reputable position in the market, captivating customers with its distinctive and high-quality product ranges. Established in the last decade, the Company has quickly flourished from a fledgling start-up to a prominent market player, driven by a passion for delivering exceptional and eye-catching appliances, cookware, and accessories for modern homes.

The Company has received acclaim for its superior craftsmanship, functionality, and trendsetting design, fostering trust and loyalty among its diverse clientele. With a well-established brand identity that sets it apart, the Company maintains a competitive edge in the industry, laying a robust foundation for ongoing prosperity and growth. A key pillar of its success lies in its diverse offerings, spanning from inventive kitchen appliances to stylish homeware catering to the varied needs of modern households. This versatility ensures multiple revenue streams and safeguards against fluctuations in specific market segments, solidifying the Company’s resilience and enduring appeal.

The Company has successfully established a robust digital presence, leveraged by its popular e-commerce platform. Further, the Company boasts an impressive 14k followers across its various prominent social media platforms.

Already gaining momentum with its innovative product lines, the Company is preparing to unveil an exciting array of new products, allowing its customers to create a unified and stylish look within their living spaces. Additionally, with strategic global distribution plans, the Company is well-positioned to bolster its presence internationally, further cementing its position as a leader in the industry. Building on this growing market recognition, the Company is now gearing up to expand its international presence, solidifying its prominent market position.

This acquisition opportunity invites you to become part of an innovative brand that has already secured a strong position in the market, with a robust intellectual property portfolio, firm market position, and plans for significant growth and expansion.

Business Highlights

Highlights of the business include:

  • Brand: The Company has emerged as a leading force in innovative kitchen solutions, redefining the contemporary home experience with its cutting-edge and stylish product offerings. With a commitment to top-tier craftsmanship and design, the brand has garnered widespread acclaim for its distinctive and functional appliances that seamlessly blend aesthetics with utility. The Company’s eclectic range reflects its dedication to crafting products that stand out in a crowd. As the Company prepares to launch further exciting product ranges and international expansion, it is well-positioned for market dominance.
  • Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio: The Company has developed an extensive intellectual property portfolio to protect its market position. The Company’s intellectual property portfolio includes an international trade mark portfolio, legal protections for its vast array of product designs, granted US patents, branded domain names, popular social media accounts, sizeable customer and subscriber databases and the Company’s elegantly designed e-commerce website.
  • Enviable Online Presence: The Company maintains a solid online revenue stream through its e-commerce store. Further, the Company has an established customer base of c. 17k active customers, c. 72% of whom are active subscribers.
  • Stock: The Company also holds c. £75k worth of stock at cost.
  • Future Growth and Expansion: The Company is strategically positioned to leverage various growth opportunities, including retail partnerships and international expansion.

Sale Process and Further Information

Please register your interest and direct any questions in the first instance to Alexander Muir (+44 (0) 7593 562 917, and Roland Cramp (+44 (0) 7710 152 668, of Hilco, who will be able to provide access to further information on signing of a confidentiality agreement and answer any questions you have at this stage.

Bids are to be directed in writing to Hilco. A Bid Submission Form is available on request. A buyer’s premium of 10% will be payable by the Buyer. Terms and conditions related to the sale can be found at our listing.


Alexander Muir

Associate Director

Manchester Office

+44 (0) 7593 562917

Roland Cramp MRICS

Managing Director

London Office

+44 (0) 7710 152668