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Hilco is delighted to offer for sale the business and assets of a cutting-edge technology business transforming digital publishing, offering innovative AI-powered solutions to revolutionise content optimisation, enabling seamless search, categorisation, and automation at an unprecedented scale.

Business Highlights

  • Innovative AI-powered solutions for content optimisation, allowing seamless search, categorisation, and automation far superior to many providers in the market;
  • The proprietary platform delivers 10x productivity gains, unlocking millions in incremental ad revenue uplift for digital publishing organisations;
  • Trialed by industry leaders, including BuzzFeed, Thrillist, THE WEEK, HuffPost and talkSPORT, with a proven track record of success;
  • Positioned in the rapidly growing global digital publishing market, estimated to reach $68 billion by 2026;
  • Recognised and featured in reputable publications such as Fix Media and the Professional Publishing Association (PPA);
  • Backed by AI media and publishing festivals, showcasing technological expertise and thought leadership;
  • Competent and driven management team with considerable experience in tech and publishing;
  • Currently operating with a small and skilled team of 3 employees;
  • Extensive intellectual property portfolio and significant brand equity.

Available Assets

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: State-of-the-art AI-powered search and optimisation platform;
  • Intellectual Property: Comprehensive IP portfolio, including trade marks, domain names and website content, customer data and social media assets;
  • Organisational Knowledge & Know-How: In-depth trade secrets and knowledge covering the development of the software and its application;
  • Established Relationships: Network of partnerships and integrations with leading tech platforms;
  • Goodwill: Valuable goodwill attached to the business.

Sale Process and Further Information

Please register your interest and direct any questions in the first instance to Alexander Muir (+44 (0) 7593 562917, of Hilco, who will be able to provide access to further information on the signing of a confidentiality agreement and answer any questions you have at this stage. Bids are to be directed in writing to Hilco. Terms and conditions related to the sale can be provided on request.


Alexander Muir

Associate Director

Manchester Office

+44 (0) 7593 562917