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Hilco is delighted to offer the opportunity to invest in a business that has developed a transformative B2B health intelligence platform that focuses on reducing accidents caused by fatigue in safety-critical industries through smartphone-based objective monitoring (the “Company”).

Business Highlights:

  • Backed by industry heavyweights and the product of £1.2m in investment to date;
  • The Company offers an innovative, scalable, industry-leading fatigue measurement and management platform designed to fit seamlessly into the workflows of safety-critical businesses, addressing the chronic issue of workplace fatigue, which is responsible for 30% of safety-critical accidents;
  • The Company’s innovation utilises machine learning and expert systems for objective assessments, providing an affordable, objective measure of a person’s fitness for work, offering clear answers on worker readiness while minimising operational burden on workers and managers;
  • The Company’s technology measures resting heart rate and heart rate through smartphone cameras for accurate results, leveraging widespread smartphone penetration with high-quality cameras suitable for fatigue measurement;
  • A proven product with integration capabilities within diverse industries and verticals, validated through a successful paid pilot with a prominent oil and gas company;
  • The Company has a robust sales pipeline with engagements from 30 companies and is currently in advanced conversations with five;
  • Supported by an impressive team of advisors comprising leaders in oil and gas, industrials, enterprise sales, and physiology;
  • Targeting a serviceable addressable market of $66 billion, boasting gross margins exceeding 80%, showing excellent growth potential;
  • Led by a competent and driven management team with considerable experience in the space;
  • Currently operating with a skilled team of 11 full-time employees;
  • Extensive intellectual property portfolio and significant brand equity.

Sale Process and Further Information

Please register your interest and direct any questions in the first instance to Alexander Muir (+44 (0) 7593 562917, of Hilco, who will be able to provide access to further information on the signing of a confidentiality agreement and answer any questions you have at this stage. Terms and conditions related to the sale can be provided on request.


Alexander Muir

Associate Director

Manchester Office

+44 (0) 7593 562917